This blog is dedicated to beautiful women and women in bondage. I am just a guy from the Midwest who likes submissive women and has always loved the female form, especially when it is naked, bound and helpless. Needless to say, I also enjoy helping beautiful women express their submissiveness through bondage and service. I have a preference for slim or athletic women. If you fit this description, live in the KC area and wish to be a submissive, bound and used, feel free to contact me.

Here you will find pictures of beautiful women, some unrestrained, but most will be in bondage or service of some form. Enjoy!

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5th September 2013

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I just love bras that leave the nipples exposed!

I just love bras that leave the nipples exposed!

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    Great bra to present her breasts and nipples.
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    I just love bras that leave the nipples exposed!
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    I love shelf bras, but they’re hard to find. It’s especially difficult to get one that fits right and has proper...
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